Healing Hands
by Harrison




Congratulations!  You have taken the first step towards feeling better.  

There are so many massage therapists to choose from, with a mind-numbiing array of methods available to treat almost any soft-tissue issue you may have.  I'm glad you decided to stop by and see whether what I offer will meet your needs.

I am very passionate about my clients and the level of care they receive.  I am dedicated and determined to do whatever I can, within my scope of practice, to achieve the best results.

Over the years, I have discovered that many conditions can be improved or eliminated through massage therapy.  Chronic headaches, frozen shoulders, stiff necks, and the aches and pains in the hip, lower back, knees, even arthritis pain, can be relieved through massage.  I have helped people avoid costly and invasive surgery, recover from accidents and injuries, improve their work and play lives, walk pain-free.

I believe in a comprehensive approach to treating my clients.  In addition to an extensive medical history, I will look into the various environments, situations and activities they are involved in.  There isn't always a clear-cut cause-and-effect relationship between the pain and discomfort and where it originated.  Often, I will make recommendations for modifications to areas such as, for example, their office set up so that the body can work more comfortably and efficiently.  In other cases, we may explore life issues that might be contributing to the discomfort, like stress, or unresolved grief, and look at the different avenues available to alleviate their impact.  We will discuss a treatment plan, and I will make recommendations for the type of bodywork indicated and its frequency during the first session.  After that, I will be reassessing during every session and discussing any changes, improvements or modifications that may be necessary.  This is not just a "feel-good" massage; it is geared towards improving your life!  We are partners in this process.

Book your appointment today and feel better sooner.

--Faith Elisabeth